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Recently I did some research about female leader- and entrepreneurship. Besides books and articles I came across a lot of TED Talks and I quickly dived in. I was particularly motivated by talks from women encouraging other women. 

In this article I wanna share with you the gems I found. All the talks in the list are brilliantly presented, insightful and encouraging.

Reshma Saujani is a lawyer, politician and founder of the organization Girls Who Code. In her speech she shows how girls are socialized to be perfect rather than courageous.

Girls in fifth grade outperform boys in every subject including math and science. In a study, fifth graders of both genders were given an assignment far too difficult for their age. The higher the IQ of the girls, the more likely they were to quickly give up on solving the task. The boys found the material challenging and tried to get at least some results.
There is a huge gender gap in approaching challenges. Instead of being overly cautious women should take risks and be willing to fail.

It’s impossible not to mention Sheryl Sandberg when it comes to women in leadership. Since 2008 Sandberg is the COO of Facebook, that means she is the left and right hand of Mark Zuckerberg. She is one of the most powerful women on the planet and an important voice for women in business. In 2013 she published her book Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead.

Sheryl Sandberg is an energetic person and an exceptionally skilled speaker. I totally love her speed and sharpness! Sandberg reminds us about some facts that cannot be repeated enough as long as they still exist:

  • women chronically underestimate themselves
  • women attribute their success to others or to the circumstances, men attribute their success to themselves
  • women do twice the amount of housework, and three times the amount of child care

Cardiologist Dr. Paula Johnson speaks about the deadly disadvantages women face in medicine. One example of many: Depression is the number one cause of disability in women worldwide. Compared to a man a woman is 70% more likely to experience a depression in her lifetime. And to sum it up 30-50% of women suffering from depression are misdiagnosed.
Every cell in our body contains the information about our sex. Female bodies function fundamentally different from mens. In research, diagnosis and treatment this is hardly ever considered.

What can we do about it? Asking our doctors whether a disease or medicine is different for women. It’s very likely they never even heard about this concern, so this will give them an opportunity to inform themselves. Spread the word!

Among the 500 most important companies in the US – and probably worldwide – only 4% are led by female CEOs. In the US women hold 19% of executive level jobs and in congress they hold 20% of elected positions.
Alexis Kanda-Olmstead gives information about the underrepresentation of women in leading positions. Women have a fear of leading. She visualizes this statement with a great analogy about her personal fear of sharks.
Also, Alexis Kanda-Olmstead reminds us about the consistence of stereotypes and mind models over generations.

She suggests two strategies for women willing to overcome their stereotype:

  • focus on your values! Values protect you like a shield.
  • be brave and take small actions, but take action, never stop!

In this vivid and funny presentation Reverend Paula Stone Williams shares what she learned in both of her lives: as a man and as a woman. When she came out as a transgender she lost all of her jobs. Now, in her everyday life as a transgender woman Paula Stone Williams experiences the loss of many privileges she had as a white male. She suddenly finds herself exposed to things like mansplaining and not being taken serious. It’s a pain in the a…
There really are huge profound differences between genders. We can never really imagine how it feels to be another human being.

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